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Thank you for trusting Rudd Property Management with your properties. Renting your home can be stressful, overwhelming, and time consuming when you are constantly having to keep up with tenants, collecting rent, and making maintenance calls. What we can do for you is remove the stress from owning property while you continue to reap the benefits!

You may be wondering what your relationship with RPM will look like now that we are managing your property.

Feel free to contact us any time to check in on your property.
We send property reports that include an in-person assessment of your property as well as financial statements for your income property, you decide how often whether that is quarterly, annually, or another specified increment, we want to keep you informed.

Maintenance Needs:
When we receive a maintenance request we will respond promptly to keep our tenants happy and your home in good shape.
You have the option of keeping a cash reserve with RPM for emergency maintenance repairs or we can add previously notified deductions to your monthly property income. With good management practices we hope to minimize maintenance needs as much as possible.

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